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  • Robert Warrens Guide Painting Water Scenes

  • E-Book
  • By (author) Warren, Robert
  • Pages 128
  • Paint a lazy stream or crashing waves with ease!

    The path to better water-themed paintings has never been clearer. Celebrated teacher and television artist Robert Warren presents a liberating new approach to painting that begins with acrylics and finishes with oils for impressive, luminous effects unlike any other method. Learn how to paint a favorite but ever-changing and complex subject in easy-to-follow steps! Inside you'll find:

    • Complete, illustrated instruction on this exciting technique in which an acrylic underpainting and directly applied value plan set the stage for oil-painting success
    • 12 fun step-by-step projects (plus line drawings) you can finish in a few hours
    • Lessons and tips for mastering water in all its forms, including oceans, rivers, lakes, falls, ponds, reflections and more
    • The simple solution to overworked, underwhelming oil paintings!
    No matter your skill level, perfect results are just pages away. So proven is Warren's method for portraying all different types of water that you will undoubtedly want to try it for every subject you paint!

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