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  • Realistic Pet Portraits in Colored

  • E-Book
  • By (author) Flood, Anne
  • Pages 128
  • 22 Step-by-Step Demonstrations in Colored Pencil

    Creating beautiful pet portraits is simple with Anne deMille Flood. She'll help you master easy techniques for drawing realistic animal portraits that capture your pet's unique personality.

    Realistic Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil provides clear guidance from start to finish. From dogs, cats, horses and birds to cuddle pets such as bunnies, guinea pigs and hamsters, step-by-step demonstrations make drawing each subject easy. You'll find complete instruction for rendering fine details including fur, feathers, whiskers, eyes and other important facial features.

    Getting started is easy! Anne teaches you basic drawing techniques as well as provides instruction on working from reference photos, choosing focal points, transferring images and more. Simple, easy-to-follow charts show you pressure, point and stroke for each color - every step of the way. This essential reference is all the guidance you need for bringing your furry friends to life!

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