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Overall Rating 5 stars out of 5
  • Powerful Watercolor Landscapes

  • E-Book
  • By (author) Gill, Catherine
  • Pages 160
  • Banish boring watercolors forever! This guide gives you the "power tools" you need to transform dull, flat landscapes into robust, colorful expressions of your artistic vision. Each chapter focuses on a specific strategy for tackling tough challenges, complete with inspiring examples, hands-on demonstrations and instructional diagrams to make these strategies easy and fun to learn. Following this guide's masterful visual instruction, you'll learn how to:

    • See beyond "what you see" to develop strong foundations in every composition
    • Avoid repainting, overworking and frustration by focusing on a composition's unifying elements
    • Become decisive with your values for heightened interest and impact
    • Quickly and easily mix a huge range of clean, rich colors–including vibrant grays and greens–with no more mud!
    • Put it all together following detailed step-by-step demonstrations of complete paintings from start to finish
    Whether you're new to watercolor painting or not, this guide will empower you to push shape and color into exciting new territory. Experience the satisfaction of painting with "power tools" and enjoy immediate results in your work.

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